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    HomeProcess Development

    Preparative separation experiment

    According to the customer's purification requirements, we use the company's system and packing to separate samples from customers and train customers to use the Medium-pressure Flash separation system.

    Standard preparation

    According to the requirements of customers, to help customers get more than 98% above the standard

    Preparation process design

    According to customer requirements, from small test to scale production of the entire separation and purification services, according to the requirements of the process, combined with product characteristics, customized the applicable process and system to the customer.

    Separation service

    According to customer requirements, to undertake from mg to kg class compounds purification, separation services.

    Impurity enrichment / separation

    Assist customers in separating raw drugs or other compounds in trace and trace impurities, in cooperation with the Shanghai Zhangjiangyaogu public service platform, to provide compound isolation and identification of a full set of reports

    Service flow

    1. Customers fill in the downloaded or provided by the business personnel sample request form (the confidentiality agreement can be identified as required).

    2. Lisure laboratory tests the feasibility of the separation of the compounds based on the information provided.

    3. Customers provide samples to Lisure laboratory, Lisure will be free of charge analysis, establish the preparation program.

    4. Lisure according to the preparation process and quantity give a reasonable price, signed the Separation And Transfer Contract.

    5. Lisure began separating and purifying. Reporting progress to customers

    6. Lisure reports the preparation results to the customer (quantity and purity).

    7. Customer is satisfied with the result of the preparation, and the payment will be made.

    8. Lisure sends the product to the customer or the customer to come to receive.

    Sample feeding method

    Sample delivery can be sent by express (please note the firmness and scientific packing method of sample container). If the sample is special, you can contact with Lisure and confirm the sample delivery mode.

    Express information

    Addressee name: Application Lab Tel: 0512-69369998

    Company name: Lisure Science (Suzhou) Co.,Itd

    ADD: C12 Building, 218 Xinghu Rd. Suzhou Industrial Park

    City: Suzhou Zip code:215125

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